Emily Motti- Social & Comms Leader

Nicole was my sorority advisor and internship supervisor when I was in my undergraduate career at the State University of New York at Oswego. Before Nicole's employment at the university, the student leadership department lacked curriculum, strong guidance, and connection to national organizations. When she joined the staff and subsequently, the student organizations as well, there was a clear shift in efficiency and morale. Nicole brought in her years of experience as a student leader herself and invested that back into the students who came into her office.

As a sorority member and leader, Nicole offered guidance in new membership programming, anti-hazing bylaws, formal recruitment and retention strategies, and completely recharged the community's standards of excellence specifically in the categories of scholarship and philanthropy.

As a student intern, Nicole provided invaluable supervision and exhausted her own network and resources to make sure students thrived in their positions. Further, Nicole helped students like myself apply their internship experience to post-graduate positions through professional development.

Nicole was a "my door is always open" supervisor, which many students took advantage of. Nicole's proximity to the student leadership community allowed her to be in-the-know of programming, which only strengthened her ability to facilitate improvements where necessary. There was a clear trust between Nicole and her students, which was something that was severely lacking before her employment.

One of Nicole's greatest strengths is her curriculum. She looks at her work very holistically and never misses an opportunity to help someone learn because of this. She is thorough and thoughtful, often giving guidance and knowledge in areas that I wasn't even aware were needing it. Another strength of hers is her kindness and compassion. Leaders are often jaded and have a wall up in front of them that prevents their constituents/students/employees/etc. from seeing them as a living, breathing person. Nicole's transparency and vulnerability with us was crucial to building trust within the sorority and fraternity community when discussing difficult topics that all of us had or would eventually face in our college careers.

Even after graduating, Nicole regularly checked up on me to see how I was doing in graduate school and in my post-grad career. She's offered her own professional network to me as a resource and has included me in programming for LGBTQIA+ awareness and advocacy. I trust what Nicole has to offer to folks through curriculum, and am confident that anything she does in her career will leave a lasting impact on all those involved - even the ones not intended.

Vicky Beato- Senior Financial Data Analyst

Nicole has been one of my favorite mentors and bosses. She is uplifting, motivating and pushes you to be the best leader you can be. She has helped me grow into a more confident and driven member of my community while helping me develop professional skills that I have been able to take with me forward.

Shanasia Shelton- SEL Driven Educator

Nicole has hosted and facilitated great programs that have provided insight and clarity around many pressing events and concerns within college aged communities and up. I definitely recommend her services to anyone looking to engage in meaningful and resourceful networking events.

Susan P

As the assistant director of Gill Memorial Library, I, as well as the rest of the staff have had an excellent experience with Nicole Morse Sargent's training sessions. I can be completely candid in saying that as a staff with a few years of experience behind us, we were a bit apprehensive as to what experience Nicole would be bringing to our small library. I can also state enthusiastically that her training sessions went above and beyond our expectations.       Nicole was highly capable and effective in re-energizing our staff and freshening our customer service skills and attitudes. She presented our staff with the tools needed to move us forward in an ever evolving library work world. She was  caring and  thought provoking. She supplied the staff with interactive worksheets, conducted a role play session and kept everyone engaged instead of bored. Her ideas were modern, fresh and thought provoking. The entire staff had opportunities to air ideas and complaints which Nicole handled  in a  professional and bipartisan manner.     Our staff had two training sessions with Nicole and we can honestly say that it was an informative, enjoyable experience. I look forward to working with her again in this capacity.










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